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Eventov "untitled"

Eventov "untitled"


36"x48" Acrylic on canvas

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    Artists Statement
    My works speak of my feelings of happiness, I love to paint, it feels great and I hope my art is a way to transfer this positive energy and wonderful feeling to others. I want to share the warmth of the afternoon, the smell of the exotic flowers, and the sensuous taste of the ripe fruit with the viewer. Wander with me through the roads of Tuscany or come enjoy a quiet moment in a romantic setting somewhere in Spain.
    Eventov's paintings are characterized by a thick application of acrylic paint using a selection of different sized palette knives. The paint is applied as both blended and pure colors. Smaller knives are used to create depth and detail in her paintings. She then uses a series of varnishes designed to create a wet paint effect.
    Eventov creates Mediterranean themed landscapes, where her scenes are imaginary and idealized striving to capture the joyous freedom of a bright blue sky and quiet cafes. She also creates works where the scene is reminiscent of rural landscapes in North America. These paintings are executed using a special palette knife and imitate a mosaic technique. The smaller, more regular strokes allow the painting to come to life through the reaction of the viewer's eye to the subtle shifts in color and tone.
    Maya Eventov grew up in Leningrad in the former Soviet Union. St. Petersburg, as it is now known, is a city fabled for its beauty and culture. At a very young age, her parents introduced her to the great artistic treasures of the city. Countless hours were spent at the magnificent Hermitage Museum studying the works of great masters. The works of the post-impressionists and those of the Russian Avant-Garde especially fascinated Eventov. The palette of Matisse and Gauguin affected her interpretation of color while Rodchenko and Malevich influenced her sense of balance and composition.
    From the age of six onwards, Eventov studied art in one form or another. She was accepted into the prestigious High School #190, which is affiliated with the St. Petersburg State Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts. As a student, she participated in the various state juried exhibitions, but always found them traditional and boring. She much preferred the underground exhibitions organized by the students. After graduating in 1987 with a master's degree in graphic design, she began working as an illustrator for children's books.
    Eventov took advantage of the fall of the Iron Curtain by traveling, exploring the lands of her dreams. In the early 1990s, she immigrated to Canada. Here she found an immediate appreciation for her artwork and quickly became involved in the local art scene. Today Eventov and her family reside just outside of Toronto, Ontario.
    Eventov continues to travel, finding inspiration for her works in the varied landscapes around the world. Her work is represented in galleries throughout Canada, Great Britain, and the USA.
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